The team relay challenges the team spirit of two or three athletes. The three person relay consists of a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. The two person relay allows one athlete to choose any two disciplines of the race regardless. The legs follow the triathlon sequence and the only requirement is to complete them within the checking times. In case the participants cannot fit in these times, the whole team will be disqualified.


Perla Beach, Primorsko

GPS coordinates of the start

42°17’12.2″N 27°45’14.2″E


05:30 – 06:45



The event starts with a technical conference the day before the start of the race. During the conference, each competitor must provide the necessary documents for admission to the race – a declaration, a participation contract printed, hand-written and signed, as well as a medical note from GP and personal insurance. At the conference, each participant will receive his starting package and detailed instructions for the race. In the event that a participant is prevented from attending, he/she may provide the necessary documents and receive his/her starting package during registration on the day of the race (from 05:00 to 06:45).

Details for the time and place of the briefing will be announced further.


The triathlon start is joint, category Team Relay starts together with category Ultra. The swimmers follow the same track and rules. When the participants of category Relay come out of the sea, they cross the sand and reach the Lion Heart base camp through a separate sports corridor.

The team members will follow the race, ready to take the baton at the base camp. The cyclists and the swimmers have to be registered at the Lion heart base camp according to the official regulation before the competition start (05:00 – 06:45). The runners have to be at Lion heart base camp no later than 10 o’clock AM to register. There will be separate zones for the waiting participants, as well live following of the participants on route.

The baton will be the timing ring, which will be carried obligatory by all participants during the respective legs. In case of lost rings, the competitor should inform the volunteers at the next checkpoint along the route. If they fail to comply, the whole team will be disqualified. The lost rings will be paid in full to the supplying organization, which will provide a payment receipt.


The zone opens at 05:00. The transit zone for the participants will be set up only to pass the baton. It will not provide stands for bicycles and possibilities for equipment storage.

Every athlete prepares preliminary his equipment, which will be checked at the registration before the start.

The competitors hop on and off the bikes immediately after passing through the ark!


Timing and tracking devices will be provided by Sport Events Organization System and Loggator. Every checkpoint will mark the split time of each participant before going forward. In case a device is lost, the athlete needs to inform the volunteers on the following checkpoint. In case one fails to do so, one will be disqualified from the official race, but will have the right to finish it.

*All lost tracking and timing devices will be paid in full by the athlete/team who lost it to the provider for which a payment document shall be provided.



Checking time: 2 hours



Checking time: 8 hours



Checking time: 3 hours


swimming_goggles  shoes-icon bike-icon


goggles, swimming cap

helmet, gloves, water vessel of min. 750 ml., spare tire 1 pcs., pump, tire stickers, tool set

proper shoes, water container for at least 0.5 liter


sun protective cream, proper swimming suit

anti-sweat band, biking shorts, sunburn crème. Highly recommended is configuration of 2 containers (2 x 750 ml or 750ml + 500ml) OR a Camelbak

CamelBak, long soaks or compress sleaves, anti-sweat band or buff, sunglasses,  a hat with a net against flies



Each team receives 2 sports numbers:

1 for the body with a chart and map of checkpoints
1 for the bicycle

You will receive additional stickers with numbers and instructions for use.

The personal number is obligatory for the cycling and running legs. In case the athletes do not have a biking/running belt, Lion heart will provide safety pins for attachment.



We providе:

  • Water
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Salty foods (bread and cheese)
  • Sweets (jellied candies, sweet delights, etc.)
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Multivitamins and minerals (magnesium)
  • Energy drinks (Red Bull and Coca Cola )

We recommend:


  • Multivitamins and minerals
  • Bars with kernels & dried fruits
  • Energy gels
  • Isotonic drinks
  • Dissolved in water magnesium


*Please throw your waste only on the dedicated places around the checkpoints!


Lion Heart Base Camp – Pismenovo 11kmVisiza 28km Zabernovo 36kmKachul area 56km Kosti 77km – Police checkpoint Bulgari 85kmFazanovo 105km – Lion Heart Base Camp – Maslen Nos 5km – Beglik Tash sanctuary 9km – The eternal post of the hero 13km – Lion Head sanctuary 17km





Every mobile team includes medical personnel and mountain rescue teams. Every checkpoint is equipped with medical accessories and could give first aid. At base camp “Lion heart” there will be a physician and specialized therapist (AMBULANCE) to help the competitors if need be.



Every athlete is required to present a medical note by a GP, stating that the athlete is in an appropriate physical form to compete in the Lion Heart ultra cross triathlon.

Every competitor, taking any kinds of medicine, should advice on his participation in the Lion Heart competition with a physician. At “Lion heart” base camp there will be a specialized medical team, who can give advice. If you happen to be excluded from the competition due to a statement of this team, you will receive a voucher for free participation for next year.
If you recognize symptoms of overstrain, hyperventilation or hypoglycemia in yourself or another participants, immediately step away, give first aid to the sufferer and inform the organizers.

All equipment, which will not be used in the competition, should leave the transit zone before 06:45. There will be a dedicated area for private belongings on personal responsibility. The organizers do not bear responsibility for lost things.

Personal, supporting cars are not allowed on the route of the competition. There will be viewing areas for visitors and live tracking of the athletes in the “Lion heart” base camp. It is recommended for the viewers to cheer around the more challenging parts of the route. Running with pacers is allowed.

The organizers provide a group insurance for all participants according to the specifications of Lion heart. Individual insurance is obligatory. Personal medical notes stating the athlete in question is fit for the Lion Heart challenge from GP are also obligatory.

Usage of hard stimulants is forbidden. If you take a medicine by prescription, you have to notify the organizers and to take advice from a sport doctor about your participation.

Any claims and money reimbursements will not be accepted. The participation fee for athlete, who cannot take part due to medical reasons, can be transferred to another competitor up to 1 week before the start.

The winners will receive their awards at the official ceremony on 02.09.2018. In case it is not possible for the athlete to stay until the ceremony, he will receive his/her award immediately after finishing or via post.

Last instructions will be e-mailed to every participant several days before the competition.

Participation includes:

A gift for all participants
Certificate for participation

Gift bag

Галерия Класиране